Institute for Training of Personnel in International Organizations (ITPIO), Bulgaria

The Institute for Training of Personnel in International Organizations (ITPIO) is a private non-profit organization – NGO with the status of Association, established in 2010. Members of the Association are currently 5 leading Bulgarian universities and colleges, the most powerful trade union in Bulgaria, one of the 6 national employers association, local and regional authorities, 17 SMEs, 2 corporations, 3 adult education providers, 17 centres for vocational training, 6 NGOs active in the education and youth fields, 2 regional educational inspectorates, many schools from which 18 VET schools from the whole country, school teachers associations and many individuals – prominent experts in the education, training, social, economic and academic spheres.

The main activities of the Institute are related to providing vocational trainings, research activities and analyses, consulting and development of educational, employment and youth policies and practices on national, regional and local level, elaboration of strategic documents, concerning education, training and youth, discussion forums aimed at improving the interrelations among national, regional, local authorities and the non-governmental sector, while following the modern trends in civic society development.

Bulgarian Tourist Chamber (BTC), Bulgaria

The Bulgarian Tourist Chamber (BTC) is a tourism sector non-profit organization to public benefit, in which members are Bulgarian and foreign legal and physical persons operating in the tourism industry.
The Bulgarian Tourist Chamber:
1. Supports the development and the establishment of tourism as a priority sector in the Republic of Bulgaria. Contributes to achieving the objectives and to the implementation of the activities identified in the national strategies for sustainable tourism development.
2. Being an organization of employers in tourism industry, pursuant to Art. 36, Para 8 of the Labour Code, the BTC represents and protects the interests of employers.
3. Represents and protects public interest in tourism as well as the interests of its members before state, national, municipal and public and international bodies and organizations.
4. Contributes to national, regional and local tourism development, to the improvement of the quality of the tourism product, to the competitiveness and efficiency of tourism activities and other economic activities related to tourism.
5. Assists to greater effectiveness of tourism management and improvement of vocational education and training of personnel in the tourism sector.

Zemedelska profesionalna gimnaziya 
"Kliment Timiryazev" (ZPG), Bulgaria

The Vocational Secondary School Of Agriculture was established in 1957 and today it is the biggest educational institution in the area of vocational secondary education in Bulgaria with its 58-year old history. At present 625 students are being trained in different specialties, such as “Rural tourism”, “Organization of tourism and leisure activities”, “Performer of thermal procedures”, “Production of bread and bread wares”, “Agricultural economy”, “Control of quality and safety of food and drinks”, “Cook” (by dual training system),“Mechanization of agriculture”, “Floriculture” and “Agro ecologist”.

The pedagogical staff numbers 60 teachers of whom 42 senior teachers. Non-pedagogical staff-31 people or 91 altogether. All of them have the necessary qualifications and experience-teachers of foreign languages, general and special subjects, including in the area of agriculture, food technologies, economics and tourism. We are doing our best to look for various ways to enhance teaching quality, including through participation in EU educational projects and school partnerships.

With a view to the needs of fast developing tourist activities in Sandanski region and in order to meet the insatiable demand for professionals in tourist branch, our school introduced a specialty “Rural tourism”11 years ago. 5 years later another specialty was introduced-“Performer of thermal procedures”. Together with building hotels with very high star rating, small family business and rural tourism begin to develop. Our aim is students to set up and manage such tourist places of interest.

Institute of the Republic of Slovenia for 
Vocational education and Training (CPI)

The Institute of Republic of Slovenia for Vocational Education and Training (CPI) is the Slovenian National Qualification Authority founded by the Government of the Republic of Slovenia and co-founded by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia and the Chamber of Craft and Small Business of Slovenia. It has more than 20 years of valuable experience in the field of vocational education and training (VET). Since its beginnings in 1995, it has been cooperating with various ministries, vocational educational institutions at different levels, chambers, enterprises, public and private associations etc.
As a national Slovenian institution in the field of vocational and educational training, it was established to guide, stimulate and prosper further development and improvement the quality of VET.

The main fields of CPI’s work are:
- studying development trends in the labour market and preparation of occupational standards,
- development of methodologies and preparation of VET programs at upper secondary and higher vocational level,
- evaluation of final examinations and vocational matura,
- training of teachers and mentors,
- coordination of various development and innovation projects in schools and enterprises,
- development of modern education tools and education technology,
- cooperation with CEDEFOP as a member of the ReferNet network,
- cooperation in international projects (Phare, Phare MOCCA, LLL, Erasmus+, Twinning, Cross-border cooperation...),
- hosting the National Europass centre, Slovenian centre for assuring VET quality SIQA-VET - National reference point, National representative for EUROSKILLS, National coordination point for EQF.

Savinjsko-šaleška Chamber of Commerce 
and Industry (SSGZ), Slovenia

The mission of SŠGZ is to connect companies and entrepreneurs of various fields in the SAŠA region and to establish communication between them and the wider environment with the aim of increasing the competitiveness of members and providing better conditions for doing business and implementing their social responsibility.
Key activities: cooperation, connecting, information, consulting, education, representation and lobbying.
SŠGZ, as an independent legal entity, is a part of the business system of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia.
SŠGZ has 108 members – companies and entrepreneurs – that represent 68% of the regional economy by the number of employees and 71% of the regional economy by revenue.

College of Hospitality and Tourism 
Maribor (CHT) , Slovenia

College of Hospitality and Tourism Maribor (CHT) was founded in 1998 as a public institution with a clear goal of satisfying the needs of hospitality industry. College progress towards the goal that can be seen through study programmes (Catering and Tourism programme and Wellness programme – the latter was the first accredited Wellness programme in Slovenia), international recognitions/awards, associations (AEHT, EUHRODIP, EUHOFA, ALPINA, GEORGE BAPTISTE) and students (high employment rate, visible positions of our students, active Alumni club). CHT is pledged to international cooperation via different activities ranging from mobility (we received multiple recognitions from national agency for mobility for excellence), international events, competitions, conferences, excursions and projects. CHT has around 500 students, 12 staff and 40 lecturers. Close relationship and cooperation with the industry (local and global) is our value. B2B Centre MIC – Academy of Culinary Arts and Tourism is an organisational unit of CHT (one of the first educational institutions in Slovenia that branched out its reach as an industry partner seeking to promote knowledge transfer in order to stimulate innovation through fresh ideas and different workshops) that connects and stimulates tourism, catering and wellness companies with educational activities.

National Centre for Education (VISC), Latvia

VISC is a public administration body responsible for the implementation of general and vocational education policy on Latvian national level. VISC develops curricula for IVET, CVET, in-service vocational education and training and vocation oriented education as well as participates in the development of occupation standards. VISC coordinates development of centralized vocational qualification exams for IVET; approves qualification exams developed by VET institutions; and administers centralized vocational qualification exams for IVET students. VISC coordinates implementation of teacher continuing professional development and provides methodological support to vocational education teachers. At present VISC employs about 100 people. VISC direct target groups are students and teachers, curriculum developers and CPD implementers. VISC work affects more than 4000 IVET teachers and trainers and about 31 000 IVET students from all IVET schools in Latvia

Latvian resort’s association (LRA), Latvia

Latvian Resort’s association was founded on April 28, 2008. The association has 8 members resort municipalities and 54 members health institutions, also spa hotels. Goals of the association are:
- stimulate the development and rebirth of the wellness and spa tourism in the Republic of Latvia;
- stimulate the process of making and passing of the laws and regulations of the resorts in the Republic of Latvia and to ensure the development of the clean environment of the city resorts;
- to develop and to expand the activities of the city resorts of the Republic of Latvia increasing the values of both culture and nature in the city resorts,
- the attraction of the people of Latvia, as well as the foreign tourists,
- in the meantime stimulating the using of health resources of nature for the purpose of recreation and rehabilitation;
- to represent and to defend overall interests of the members of the association in the institutions of the private and public sector, as well as the other organisations of tourism, especially in the field of health, wellness and spa tourism in the European Union and other foreign resorts, as well as in other institutions of tourism connected with international organisations.

Riga Style and Fashion Technical school 
(RSMT), Latvia

Riga Style and Fashion Technical school (RSMT) is a VET institution under Latvian Republic Ministry of Education and Science. RSMT has been founded in 1964 and has large experience in education and preparing professionals in the different fields. There are more than 1000 pupils attending and learning in the school from all Latvian regions.
RSMT provides learning process for acquiring 2nd and 3rd level of vocational qualification (EQF 3 and 4) programs. Provides educational programs are in tree basic fields:
- Beauty care service and decorative cosmetic programs (hairdresser, hairdresser-stylists, visual image stylist, SPA specialists, beautician, make-up artists and manicure and pedicure specialist.)
- Textile and tailoring programs (dressmakers and clothes production and style specialist)
- Design programs (photographer, photo design specialists and multimedia design specialists).

DIMITRA Education & Consulting is one of the largest and most distinguished Vocational Education & Training (VET) Organizations with Training Centers in 5 cities in Greece. Since 1989, DIMITRA holds extensive experience and unique competencies in producing innovative and participative tools and methodologies for Human Resources development in a constantly changing world of work. Through our activities such as training, consulting, research, innovation transfer and development of international collaborations we work towards the promotion of social inclusion, educational, cultural, scientific and economic growth. More than 30 000 people, of all educational levels, have been trained by DIMITRA. DIMITRA’s permanent staff is approximately 50 employees and the organization also cooperates with more than 500 external trainers.

Hellenic Association of Municipalities 
with Thermal Springs (HATS), Greece

Τhe Hellenic Association of Municipalities with Thermal Springs (HATS) was founded in 1983 for the protection and development of thermal natural resources. Today HATS consists of 53 municipalities-members with 71 thermal springs which are spread all over Greece. It is the technical advisor of the Central Union of Municipalities of Greece (C.U.M.G), for the geothermal water and participates in the committees of Tourism and Health. It has also very close collaboration with the co-competent Ministries of Interior, Tourism, Health and Development on matters pertaining thermal natural resources. Among the goals of HATS is the support of every form of therapeutic treatment, prevention and well –being with the use of the curative natural resources as well as every form of thalasso-therapy, climatotherapy, cave therapy, that are realised and have as a goal the care of the human physical and mental health.

Serbian health, wellness and spa 
tourism cluster (ZVST), Serbia

The Serbian health, wellness and spa tourism cluster (ZVST) is a network of 24 SMEs and 13 supporting institutions from Serbia, focused on medical, wellness and spa tourism.
Cluster supports and promotes sustainable development of medical, wellness and spa tourism in Serbia according to the best practices of leaders and quality standards in EU countries .
The organisation supports and provides networking, exchange of information, experiences, knowledge and transfer of knowledge from EU leaders in development of health, wellness and spa tourism by organizing regional conferences, B2B meetings, educational workshops and study visits.
ZVST provides services of promotion, research, implementation of quality standards and project financed by its members. The Serbian health, wellness and spa tourism cluster provides external services of planning, design, concept creating and staff training for wellness and spa providers. The organisation has riech experience in preparation and implementation of in-company training courses for wellness and spa comanies’ staff in Serbia. ZVST has also excellent collaboration with large number of Serbian VET providers offering trainings for aquiring different qualifications relevant to the wellness and spa tourism sector.

Pharmaceutical - Physiotherapeutic 
School (FFS) , Serbia

The Pharmaceutical - Physiotherapeutic School is modern high school in Serbia that provides education and vocational training for medical care, health care, and social welfare students. It was established by Government of the Republic of Serbia in 2003, and has 800 students and 99 members of stuff.
School educate students for various profiles: Pharmacist, Physiotherapist, Cosmetologist (EQF 4), and Masseur (EQF 3).
Interactive sessions, experiments, interactive exercises, are important features of practical education which ensure the involvement of students and developing their knowledge and skills. Practical exercises are performed in groups of 10 students. These groups serve as small communities to ensure that every student is supported through a variety of adult and peer connections. Part of educational process takes place at hospitals, community health centres, pharmacies, beauty salons, wellness and spa centers.
By the decision of the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological development of Serbia school is the first of the vocational high schools that have the possibility of educating students in bilingual education (English – Serbian).

Tiber Umbria Comett Education Programme (TUCEP), Italy

Tiber Umbria Comett Education Programme (TUCEP) is a no profit Association of twelve Italian Universities and numerous Enterprises, and Public Authorities; it was created in 1992 under the EU COMETT Programme, the Community Programme on cooperation between universities and enterprises regarding training in the field of research, VET, innovation and technology.

The mission of TUCEP is to foster and develop collaboration between universities and the world of work through the implementation of research and training projects aimed at promoting innovation and quality in education and training, promoting social inclusion, entrepreneurship and European values at regional, national, European level.
The main activities of TUCEP are the organization and the management of training courses at national and European levels for youth and adults, included trainers, teachers and school students.


Federturismo Confindustria (FC) is the Italian Travel and Tourism Federation that represents the leading Italian companies and associations operating in the different areas of the tourism industry. Federturismo belongs to the Confindustria system, and currently, it includes 21 sector associations, 7 company members (directly associated) and several local associations.
Federturismo aims to contribute to the country’s economic growth starting from tourism. The activities aimed at guaranteeing the big importance of tourism companies, one of the key driver of Italy's economic, cultural, social and civic development. By representing companies and their values at institutions of all levels, Federturismo contributes to social well-being and progress, and from this standpoint guarantees increasingly diversified, efficient and modern services.

The FC plans develops and supports tourism policies and long-term tourism strategies working at the institutional level with the national, regional and local governments.

At European level Federturismo works through the delegation office at policy level and its Unit “European projects and Partnerships for the implementation of key transformative projects.
Thanks to its institutional nature, the federation has relations with both national, European and international tourism institutions.


Osengo is a French VET provider mainly working in the fields of hotel and catering, healthcare and social inclusion. We have 8 different Vet training centers in 4 French regions. We are taking part in Erasmus+ projects for many years and in European cooperation for 30 years. Osengo Europe is the responsible department for managing and implementing European project.

Union des métiers des industries de l’hôtellerie du 
puy de dôme (UMIH),  France

The Union des métiers et des industries de l'hôtellerie (UMIH) is a French employers' organisation in the hotel and catering sector. UMIH represents, defends and promotes independent professionals in the hotel, restaurant, bar, café, brasserie, nightlife and seasonal professions through its 112 offices, 300 elected officials and employees, experts in legal, economic, tax and communication matters.

It represents nearly 30,000 member companies, i.e. 72% of unionized companies and 50% of employees of companies that are members of a professional organization. UMIH is present and active in all French departments, in metropolitan France and overseas, with more than 2,000 elected officials and 400 employees who promote and defend our professions on a daily basis. It is the privileged interlocutor of the State and has representations at departmental, regional and national levels. This territorial network provides knowledge of the field and a global and precise understanding of the sector's challenges.

Inthecity Project Development (Inthecity), 

Inthecity Project Development is a media private company (SME), established in 2012 as a result of the coming together of innovative and driven professionals with long experience both in creative industry and educational project management.

Inthecity Project Development is specialised in producing high quality professional media, expertly tailored to the specific objective and ethos of the project - web-based products, platforms and applications with educational purposes, short films, documentaries, animations, multilingual portals with a large attendance, and multi-lingual study materials. Inthecity provides the expertise of creative writing and concept development for initiatives and projects applying innovative digital products, materials and approaches for providing lifelone learning and VET opportunities applicable to different target groups in variaty of fields.

World Federation of Hydrotherapy and 
Climatotherapy (FEMTEC), Italy

Founded in 1937, FEMTEC (the World Federation of Hydrotherapy and Climatotherapy) gathers the public and private institutions that represent Thermal Establishments in the respective Countries. At present it has more than 30 member countries from the whole world.

FEMTEC, based in Italy, is the only one non-governmental organization (NGO) in the sector entertaining official relations (accreditation) with the World Health Organization (WHO).

The main goals of FEMTEC include:
- representing and promoting world hydrotherapy before the different national and international institutions;
- promoting international cooperation;
- promoting shared studies, research, training, and experience in the sector.

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